Official Rules of Discord
By accessing and communicating through any forms of communication of Serenity's discord, you automatically agree to abide to all things listed in this section. Failure to do so will result in usage restrictions of our discord server potentially without warning.

1. Please Be Respectful
Though this is a server of communication and though yes we are mostly having fun, please be respectful and considerate towards others. If another user expresses signs of being uncomfortable, leave the person be. Failure to do so could get you reported by the user or spotted by a Moderator, where restrictions may be enforced.

2. Consider What You Write

Sometimes people say things that aren't completely appropriate. We want you to have fun and socialize with others, but if the contents of your discussion are too inappropriate, then we kindly ask you to take it into private messages. Generally if you have to ask yourself whether something is appropriate, chances are, it probably isn't. If spotted by a moderator, you will be warned and potentially restricted immediately or after continuous warnings.

3. Listen To The Moderators
Moderators are here to ensure the discord channel remains a welcoming and healthy place for all. Please listen to a moderator if they tell or ask you to do something. If you feel a moderator is unfair or isn't being rational, try speaking with them one-on-one. If you still feel like this or they don't want to speak, feel free to contact another moderator to ensure fairness.

4. Please Do Not Spam
Sometimes when we talk or get hyped up, we tend to spam the chat. Things like a word every line or random characters or anything along the lines can really become unnecessary. We kindly ask you to try to condense your chat. Not in a way where you type a paragraph every time you say something, rather don't press enter after every word or so. Failure to do so could get you reported by the user or spotted by a Moderator, where restrictions may be enforced.

5. Look Before You Type

We all have questions or things to say, and we staff are here to help, but if people continuously ask questions of information they can quickly find through our discord sections, it can become a bit frustrating. Sections like this information center for general information or bot-notices for server information; etc, can reduce unnecessary communication and delays. If you genuinely cannot find the information you seek or the information we provide isn't sufficient in helping you resolve your issue, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

6. Keep The Drama Elsewhere
To some, Drama can be juicy and sitting-at-the-edge-of-your-chair worthy, but to most, it is extra issues and conflict that often doesn't end well for anyone. Please keep the channels clear of the drama. If you have any conflict with another player or another staff that conflicts with your healthy experience at Serenity, please contact a staff member directly and explain to them bestly what is going on. Failure to do so could get you reported by the user or spotted by a Moderator, where restrictions may be enforced.

7. No R-Rated Content
Though self explanatory, this means no pornography and or ANY explicit content inappropriate and not intended for the younger audience. You know what this means and failure comply will result in an immediate and indefinite ban without warning!

8. Do Not Joke With New Players
This means if a player is new and is trying to ask questions or look for assistance, do not joke with random answers that are not true. Doing such will often result in a player getting confused.

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