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Characters: 673

Version 83
Experience Rate: Scaling
Meso Rate: 10x
Drop Rate: 5x

Recent Updates | Posted by Matteram on 10.12

- Rates adjusted, check site for updated rates

- Level cap reduced back to 200 - Monsters now have a chance to give you nx upon killing (scaling to the monsters level)

- Fixed some issues with players getting stuck

- Added AIO for those who didn't know about it (rooney) and Fixed the AIO shop giving wrong items

- Fixed some skills having CD, no need to CC anymore

- Patched more skills that were spammable ;)

- Added Chaos bosses, Latteram will toggle

- Fixed issues with players dcing from other's pirate skill

- Fixed potential issue with mounts dcing players

- Fixed some issues with players lagging out

- Increased spawn rate

- Fixed issue with level 200 exp being stuck

- Increased shop items (non equipments) to a quantity gain of 10

I added some other stuff but I lost my update log file, so if you notice anything.. mb? -all credit to vince

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