Welcome to Serenity!

Hello Mapler and welcome to Serenity!

Serenity is a mid-to-high rate Maplestory Private server. The idea for our server derived from the idea that both high and low rate servers have their pros and cons. With high rate servers, end game is too easy and often times training is just redundant. With low rate servers, it's very grindy and can get boring when youre in the same spot for hours or even days. Serenity is meant to be in the middle, taking the better of the pros from both high and low rate. Things like easier training, higher damage, an actual market, an easier early game with a preserved late game, lot of scheduled events, professionalism as well as so much more, are many of the things we strived to emphasize! It's been a long time coming and we are excited for your to try our server! As always, your feedback is appreciated and we hope to see you in-game!

Here are some of our current features. If you do not see a feature you want, it may be the case we are currently developing it or don't even know of it. So please recommend us your ideas through our discord!

  • Easier Training Rates
  • Level Scaling Item Enhancement System
  • Levelable Occupation System: Trainer, Forger and Life Skiller
  • House System: House of Power, Stealth and Brilliance
  • Level Scaling Rebirths and Rebirth Points
  • No FM Spawners, Buffed Training Maps
  • Boss Party Quest and Guild Party Quest
  • Buffed Bosses and newer Bosses
  • Up to Date Items, Maps and Monsters
  • Fishing System
  • 100+ different Events
  • Party Play Experience
  • Voting, Donor and Event Points
  • No Pay2Win, Only cosmetics